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what the fuck is thuis.w aht does it mean






'After it happened I got another anon saying 8 weeks, it's been about 2 or 3 now, so I guess 5? It's not that bad, at least I get to eat all the sea food I like now' She meowed with a kitty smile, 'anons can be pretty cruel though'

"Indeed they can be." She slowly opened up the can of tuna before looking at the fishy water that resided in the can, "Did you just want it like this, or do you want the water or drain it…?"

She padded over, she didn’t really brush up against people like Luna did so she just sat back next to her with a kitty smile, ‘the water’s fine, I don’t mind. gracias Harls.’

She poured the contents in a bowl and sat it down next to her feline friend, not really sure what was polite at this point, “Ah… I hope this is satisfactory?”

Tiacat ate everything in record time, that fast of eating shouldnt be possible for any being. Tiana was still Tiana, ‘fish is so yummy. Gracias again Harls, I was starving’ she purred in satisfaction.

"Are you still hungry?" Tiana ate really fast, maybe she’s still hungry and needs to be fed more. "I can open another can or something?"

'hmm? Well Id hate to be a bother… but, if you could spare another can…' she laid her ear that was straight back and looked sideways a little, she was pretty hungry

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